Our mission

Bitcoin Alpha's mission is to inform anyone curious about the existence, operation and purpose of the Bitcoin network in an honest and transparent way. We consider it our responsibility to provide reliable and verified information to our readers. We are committed to a high level of transparency and quality on the content produced according to the sources available. Bitcoin Alpha is also committed to behaving in an ethical and respectful manner with anyone wishing to interact with the platform.


Bitcoin is a complex topic that causes a lot of reaction from people. Sometimes excessive enthusiasm, sometimes anger and contempt. In these circumstances, it becomes difficult to obtain the facts, the truth without it being tinged with a positive or negative bias. This context is unfortunately conducive to misinformation and disinformation . It is in this thorny context that we will attempt to shed light on all aspects of the Bitcoin universe.

Disclaimer Statement

It should be noted that at no time is this platform intended to make investment recommendations. We do not recommend any financial product (including Bitcoin) on this platform. For more details, we invite you to consult the Disclaimer section.


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